Ep. # Title Pairings
1-5 House of Secrets/House of Attitude/House of Blackbird/House of Dares/House of Lies Mickber
6-7 House of Locks/House of Lies Mickber
8-9 House of Agendas/House of Keys Mickber
10-11 House of Discovery/House of Hyper Mickber
12-13 House of Cheats/House of Rumors Mickber
14-15 House of Intruders/House of Proof Mickber
16-17 House of Confrontation/House of Alarms Mickber
18-19 House of Flames/House of Passages
20-21 House of Kidnap/House of Cat-Nap
22-23 House of Cameras/House of Numbers
24-25 House of Scares/House of Fakers Mickra
26-27 House of Identity/House of Emergency
28-29 House of Reunion/House of Memories
30-31 House of Drama/House of Codes Mickra
32-33 House of Risks/House of Thieves Mickra
34-35 House of Hazard/House of Charades Mickra
36-37 House of Rendezvous/House of Rescue Mickra
38-39 House of Arrest/House of Hoax Mickra
40-41 House of Time/House of Aliens Mickra
42-43 House of Masks/House of Pursuit Mickra
44-45 House of Yesterday/House of Victory Mickra
46-47 House of Bribes/House of Venom Mickra
48-49 House of Stars/House of Harsh Mickra
50-51 House of Lights/House of Allegiance Mickra
52-53 House of Pests/House of Betrayal Mickra
54-55 House of Reservation/House of Heavy Mickra
56-59 House of Hush/House of Spies/House of Sting/House of Never/House of Forever




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